Andrew Moore - UKSOL CEO

UKSOL Extols Its British Values

Buckinghamshire based solar company flaunts its British values.

In a series of webinars Andrew Moore founder of UKSOL UK Ltd (UKSOL), a solar exporting company has been keen to promote the values of his company. He believes they are a foundation for success. These values include trustworthiness, partnership and a British brand and guarantee.

UKSOL is an independent British brand, owned and operated in the UK. For UK and European partners UKSOL has the capacity to provide solar modules made in an automated factory in Valencia, Spain. The company is MCS approved in the UK and offers a trusted British warranty, design, service and support from the UK.

After China has dominated the European solar market for the recent period there are signs that customers may be looking to source European manufactured panels. This is a consequence of increasing concern about the human rights situation in China and changes to shipping costs that impact upon price. UKSOL endeavours only to work with global supply chain companies who conform to the UKSOL modern slavery policy and accept external audits.

UKSOL is a British company and through a factory in Valencia, Spain it can deliver European manufactured solar pv panels to the UK market.

Andrew Moore, the CEO of UKSOL said:

As a globally focussed British enterprise UKSOL is delighted to be pro-actively building upon our hard work by seeking to partner with new colleagues in the UK and globally.  We can meet UK demand through the delivery of solar pv panels manufactured in Spain and our British brand and British guarantee marks us out.

 UKSOL exports to 45 nations and takes its values seriously. We are eager to seek out new opportunities to serve the domestic market and also to boost UK exports. We are eager to develop the UK’s renewable capacity and address climate change.

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