Solarwatt 10 millionth installation

Solarwatt Reaches Milestone: Ten Millionth Solar Module Installed in a Family Home in the UK

This week the ten millionth Solarwatt solar module was installed onto the rooftop of a single-family home in Suffolk, UK. More than 600.000 private households and businesses throughout Europe have chosen premium quality photovoltaic systems manufactured by the Dresden-based company to generate and manage their own clean solar energy. With more than 100,000 systems installed in 2023 so far, Solarwatt’s solutions continue to be trusted by their installation partners, businesses, and homeowners to get the very best results from their solar energy switchover. Solarwatt employs 800 personnel throughout Europe and has an established network of 8,500 solar professionals who partner with them to sell and install premium Solarwatt solutions in more than ten European countries – including France, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Spain.

The milestone 10,000.000th solar panel was installed by Solarwatt’s premium partner SOLARhome for Adrian & Karen Firth (pictured above) at their residential property in Horringer, Suffolk, UK. The solar installation consists of an array of eighteen Panel vision glass-glass solar modules with an output of 7.2 kWp in total. The glass-glass panels’ solar cells are encapsulated on both sides with a robust glass pane, making them significantly more durable than conventional glass-foil solar panels. Optimising efficient use of self-generated energy produced by the solar system with a smart energy management system enables homeowners to choose how they utilise their self-generated power. Whether to heat water or heat their homes or charge an electric vehicle it is a system designed to adapt to an individual homeowner’s needs – while also lowering energy consumption and cost.

Adrian & Karen wanted to invest in a PV system for their home to incorporate a reliable, future-proof system which will enable maximum efficiency in their personal energy consumption. Smart management of the system will also support the Firth’s switchover to electric vehicles which can be powered by excess energy produced from a quality solar system that offers high performance for years to come, with the additional peace of mind of an industry-leading 30-year warranty and FullCoverage insurance package.

Commenting about the project, the homeowners said:

It was very smooth and efficient from start to finish. SOLARhome took a lot of care during the entire process, and it was surprising how quick the installation was – completed in one day! When we discovered we were receiving Solarwatt’s ten millionth panel, it was a bit of a surprise and quite exciting for us – we were incredibly pleased to be part of the celebrations.

Reflecting on the occasion, Sales Director for Solarwatt UK & Ireland Neal Goddard added:

We are delighted that we can share this moment with our premium partner SOLARhome, and their customers Adrian and Karen Firth and hope they enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that their quality solar installation brings, for many years to come.

For 30 years Solarwatt has been at the forefront of European solar technologies, from a Greentech start-up to one of the market leaders in photovoltaics. As a pioneer in the industry, Solarwatt solutions are enabling a vast number of private households and businesses to take their energy supply into their own hands.

CEO of Solarwatt Detlef Neuhaus explains:

We offer premium-quality photovoltaic systems with which our customers not only take their energy supply into their own hands but also charge their electric car and control their heat supply. Sector coupling is becoming increasingly important not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

Commenting on this milestone moment, Managing Director Solarwatt UK & Ireland Pol Spronck said:

The ten millionth module installation comes during an exciting year for Solarwatt, as we celebrate 30 years as one of the European market leaders in solar technologies. This year we have also expanded our presence in the UK with the opening of our new office in Shepperton, Surrey which allows us to better serve our clients in the UK with a strong base for our continued growth.

Summing up the project, Technical Installation Director for SOLARhome, Neil Griffiths added:

It has been fantastic to be part of Solarwatt’s 10,000.000th-panel installation and a real privilege to help the homeowners on their Solar journey. At SOLARhome we take customer satisfaction very seriously and take great pride that the homeowner was delighted when we revealed the completed solar array to them at the end of the installation. It has been a pleasure to celebrate this significant milestone with the Solarwatt team.

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