Solarwatt Vision Style and Vision Pure

SOLARWATT Develops Highly Efficient Glass-Glass Panels With Half-Cell Technology

  • Module’s 120 bifacial M6 half-cells with output of up to 380 Wp
  • Module is produced in the new ‘F8’ Solarwatt production facility
  • Dresden company plans R&D module pilot line

SOLARWATT, the premium manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, has unveiled its new, highly efficient glass-glass modules featuring half-cell technology. The modules consist of 120 half-cells in M6 format and provide power of up to 380 Wp. The half-cell range will be the first produced by the new ‘F8’ production line in Dresden. SOLARWATT CEO Detlef Neuhaus said: “As announced last year, we are currently working at full speed to expand our production capacity to provide us with much more leeway, as our existing line is currently working almost to the limit. With the new F8 we can also deliver further initiatives, such as the first SOLARWATT half-cell module.”

Two panels: SOLARWATT vision style and SOLARWATT vision pure

The half-cell technology module will be available in two variants from late summer 2021. The SOLARWATT vision pure panel with white background film and aluminium frame and the black, framed SOLARWATT vision style panel with transparent encapsulation. The bifacial cells the company is using for the first time come to the fore in the SOLARWATT vision style.  “With these solar modules from our new production line, we are fulfilling customer requirements for higher performance”, explains SOLARWATT CTO Dr Armin Froitzheim. “In addition, the modules feature bifacial solar cells and transparent film, expanding the range of possibilities. For example, customers can mount the modules at an angle on flat roofs, collecting sunlight from the rear. This results in higher yields.”

Millions invested in new production lines

SOLARWATT is investing over 15 million euros in the expansion of the new F8 production line, now being built alongside the existing production line. The company is committed to Dresden as a location, as Dr Froitzheim emphasises: “SOLARWATT shows clearly that it remains possible very successfully to produce and sell solar modules of absolute premium quality in Germany.”

Meanwhile, SOLARWATT is planning further initiatives. In addition to the F8 production line, construction will start in 2022 of an independent module ‘pilot’ line, further strengthening the company’s research and development. “With the new pilot line, we will continuously develop our modules, test new concepts and adapt them to customer requirements. This again significantly advances the innovative strength of SOLARWATT,” says Dr Froitzheim.

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