Social Energy

Social Energy Joins Flexi-Orb

Energy company Social Energy has joined oversight body Flexi-Orb to provide their customers with an added layer of peace of mind. This means that consumers buying solar and battery storage via Social Energy’s network will have protection in place should they need it.

Ryan Gill, Chief Executive of Social Energy, said:

This is an unprecedented step for our business and shows that we are serious about ensuring consumers are protected and receive what they should. Since our launch we have received great industry feedback and joining Flexi-Orb is the right direction for our long-term future which is centred around our customers.

David Lindsay, Co-Founder of Flexi-Orb, commented:

We have been looking at the Social Energy model very closely since its launch because of the claims made about how much consumers can save on their electricity bills. We’ve spent months looking into the model and working with the team at Social Energy and are very pleased to confirm that we are happy with the model presented to us.

Ryan, at Social Energy, added:

We have also mandated that any installer who wants to sell to consumers our model will be required to be a member of Flexi-Orb. This will ensure that consumers receive comprehensive protection and also we have the comfort that our network of installers are being policed. Flexi-Orb’s Flexible Energy Register not only ensures that consumers deal only with accredited members, receive consumer code protection and insurance backed guarantee, but helps the manufacturer and installer to achieve their legal obligations around safety, product traceability and end-of-life obligations. It supports many installer administrative functions so it improves efficiency, and it allows consumers to register a review of the installation – helping their sales and ensuring that poor installers are excluded from the market.

For more information about Flexi-Orb call 0330 335 3382 or email