Combatting Mis-Selling to Consumers

The domestic renewable energy sector has been dominated by solar PV and air source heat pumps, with the governments Feed-in Tariff (FITs) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) schemes providing attractive incentives for consumers to purchase these products. However, the sector has also been dogged by mis-selling. This resulted in major finance lenders pulling out of providing consumer credit in the marketplace and key stakeholders lost confidence in the sector.

Energy Performance Validation Scheme (EPVS)


EPVS has successfully tackled mis-selling within the sector which has resulted in the major finance lenders coming back in the marketplace and making it a requirement that installers wanting finance will need to be a member of EPVS. This has helped to safeguard the domestic renewable energy sector, bring back confidence from key stakeholders, and enable installation companies to offer finance to their customers, facilitating the deployment of more renewable technology products to stimulate growth in the sector.

Award Winning

Award Winning
EPVS has been recognised for its success in protecting consumers from being mis-sold by winning the Best Industry Innovation Award at the Card and Payment Awards.

Benefits of Award-Winning EPVS