We operate a range of Schemes which cover renewable energy products and installation. 

Product standards

To ensure a smooth transition to a decentralised, digitised and decarbonised energy network it’s important that the product installed is fit for purpose, can last its warranty period and has the capability to deliver on its claims. Our Schemes ensure that products carry the Standards required to give confidence in this market. 

Installation scheme

Our Installation Scheme is currently being assessed by UKAS to ISO IEC 17067:2013 standard and covers the design, specification, set-to-work, installation, commissioning, and handover of grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS) and Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) installed in the UK. It is intended for installations in a domestic or small commercial environment, with a ceiling system expectancy of 50kW.

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Schemes for…

We have certified these products for organisations such as consumer protection bodies, finance lenders and other interested stakeholders. Our Schemes ensure that appropriate UK standards are validated for each product. We also ensure that the manufacturers operate under ISO IEC 9001:2015 and their factory production control audit is bona fide and is up to date. Flexi-Orb supports manufacturers with the Flexible Energy Register, ensuring that all products registered comply with the General Product Safety Regulations 2005 with respect to safety notices and product recall.

Solar PV modules

Product Standard Policy

The primary commitment of our Solar PV Module Standards Policy is to the safety and protection of consumers. However, we also wish to facilitate the UK Renewable Energy industry, especially solar panel manufacturers, and avoid duplicate certification application and testing where it is clear that there is no benefit to either the consumer or the manufacturer. As such, Flexi-Orb mandates that its PV Module Manufacturer Members must have attained certain certification standards.

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