We operate a range of standards which can cover the product, person and installation. As part of ensuring our standards are adhered to we run an auditing monitoring and enforcement regime.


Independent Inspections

We want to ensure our standards are being adhered to therefore we will be auditing our members. This will predominantly take the form of onsite inspections of their previous installations (chosen at random by us). The inspectors will produce a report detailing conformity to our standards and any high-risk priorities.



We take monitoring our members very seriously and part of what we do is contact every consumer registered on our Flexible Energy Register about their experience with the member. This includes the salesperson, quality of workmanship, punctuality, reliability and overall experience. We also ask the consumer more about the sales process to help ensure that consumers are receiving accurate performance estimates, financial savings and any earning income.



You can audit and monitor members but what happens if a consumer is left disadvantaged. What will you do as a body to protect the consumer? At Flexi-Orb, we have seen what happens when a consumer is left in the lurch and pursues the installer on their own. This simply isn’t acceptable to us, therefore, a consumer using a Flexi-Orb member will have our full support to ensure the installer carries out their obligations in accordance with our agreement.

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