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PAS 1878:2021 & PAS 1879:2021

PAS 1878:2021 and PAS 1879:2021 are two relatively new standards which have been developed by BSI (The British Standards Institute) for Energy Smart Appliances (ESAs) to support the transition to a flexible, low-carbon energy system by transforming electricity demand and adapting it more quickly to the short-term availability of renewable energy.

Managing Flexibility

It is vital we understand these standards as they will play a crucial role in the future flexibility of the energy market by facilitating the safe and interoperable production and use of ESAs – an important step in enabling consumers to manage electricity demand in the grid.

While PAS 1878 provides a technical specification that allows domestic appliances to operate in a Demand-Side Response (DSR) system, it is intended to be read in conjunction with PAS 1879, which provides recommendations for the provision of DSR services by service providers.

PAS 1878

Energy smart appliances – System functionality and architecture

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PAS 1879

Energy smart appliances -Demand side response operation

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Demand-Side Response

By being on a time-of-use tariff and using appliances when demand for electricity is low, or when excess generation capacity is available, consumers with an ESA can reduce their electricity costs and carbon emissions. They can also earn revenue from other grid-side actors by allowing direct control of their ESAs.

Whole Home Optimisation

Funded by BEIS’ Energy Innovation Programme and run by energy smart specialist, geo, the Core4Grid trial which ended in February 2021, has helped us realise the true value of a smart meter infrastructure.

Utilising geo’s Whole Home Optimisation solution by connecting to an EDF smart meter and using the data generated to manage the home’s rooftop solar, battery storage and smart energy tariff, has proved an average saving of around 49% on a household’s annual energy bill and a reduction in its carbon footprint of around 14%. 


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