New G98 Compliance – Don’t Get Caught Out

Most installers are aware that, after midnight on the 26th April, the G83 application to the relevant DNO is no longer valid and a G98 application must be completed instead (this applies to microgeneration systems <16 amp/3.68kW – above this the new G99 application must be made instead of a G59 application).

However, you must also ensure that the product you are installing – usually the solar pv inverter or Electrical Energy Storage System – is fully G98 or G99 compliant. It is your responsibility as an installer to do so and, ultimately, your customer will have to comply. This is a legal requirement and failure could leave your customer with an installed system being closed down by their DNO.

If in doubt, you can check the Electrical Networks Associations (ENA) database, here. Don’t just assume that this only applies to old stock – the ENA are concerned that not all manufacturers that distribute in the UK have registered their products as G98 compliant.  Note that equipment that is only compliant with G83 (or G59) will not be compliant with the new G98 (or G99) requirements.

DNOs will seek to have any non-compliant generation that is installed after 26th April disconnected and prevented from operating until it has been made compliant.

Flexi-ORB’s Flexible Energy Register has a direct link to the database and you can also send your compliant application direct to the relevant DNO from your portal – the majority of the form will already be pre-completed from your registration, saving valuable administration time. You will also receive confirmation of delivery to complete the audit trail.

If you have any concerns over the products that you are installing, have not yet gained access to the free Flexible Energy Register, or have any other queries, talk to us on 0330 335 3382.