What is Infrared heating?

Infrared heating uses infrared radiation to heat people and objects within a home rather than heating the air. Infrared is the same energy that comes from the sun and can directly warm you as soon as they turned on but on the flip side when you turn them off you will feel cold quicker.

You will normally buy an infrared panel which can be in different sizes and styles. For example you can have a mirror in your bathroom which is an infrared heating panel.

What are the benefits of infrared heating panels?

  • Can help reduce your energy bills compared to your current heating system
  • Installation is relatively easy and can be installed by yourself
  • Heats fabric of building helping prevent damp and mould growth
  • Smart controls or thermostat can help you operate your infrared panels
  • Child safety function incorporated into some panels where the surface temperature is controlled to not go above 43 degrees.
  • Warranty for the panels can be up to 15 years

What are the drawbacks of infrared heating panels?

  • Some panels can reach surface temperature of more than 100 degrees
  • Should be kept clear of flammables, like furniture and curtains

What are the costs for infrared heating in your home?

Infrared heating panels come in various designs and sizes. Below is a guide to cost for different type of panels from Curv:

Type of Panel

Size (mm)

Wattage (w)


Infrared Ceiling Tile

595 x 595



95 x 1190



Infrared Flat

600 x 600



900 x 600



1200 x 600



1800 x 350



1500 x 600



Infrared Mirror

500 ø



450 x 550



600 x 800



600 x 1000



Infrared Towel

600 x 600



600 x 1200



Please note these prices are correct as of 20.09.19. The prices are displayed for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.


How much can you save from infrared heating?

The savings you experience will depend on what your existing heating is. As the infrared panels use electricity your electricity bill could go up. Therefore you will need to compare this against what your current spend is on heating.

Where to buy infrared heating panels?

You can buy infrared panels online.

These could include:

Choosing the correct size panel
for your rooms

Below are the factors you need to consider when deciding on the correct size of panel for your room:

  • House age (e.g. new build)
  • Room type (e.g. living)
  • Room width
  • Room length
  • Room height

You can use an online calculator to help you choose the right size of panel.

Find an installer

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