What heat pumps are covered by Flexi-Orb?

The following heat pumps are covered under Flexi-Orb:

Air source heat pumpS

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) which absorb heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. This heat is then used to provide you with heating and/or hot water. The most common ASHP is an air to water system.

Ground source heat pumpS

Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) which use the constant temperatures in the ground to supply your property with heat and hot water. The pipes for a GSHP are either buried horizontally in a trench (about a metre below ground) or boreholes are drilled to extract heat from further down. The fluid made up of water and antifreeze is circulated through a ground loop buried in the garden.

What are the benefits of heat pumps?

  • Can provide heat for your home and/or hot water
  • Reduction in energy bills, especially if you are on LPG, Oil or conventional electric heating
  • Earn income from the installation of the heat pump through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Have a low impact on the environment due to its low carbon footprint
  • Removes the need to have fuel deliveries if you’re off grid with no mains gas

How much do Heat pumps cost?

The average cost of an air source heat pump is around £14,000. The average cost of a ground source heat pump is around £18,000. However, the cost of an air or ground source heat pump will vary due to a number of factors, including:

  • What the size of your house is?
  • What size of heat pump is required?
  • What type of ground loop system you are using (only for ground source heat pumps)?
  • How well insulated your house is?
  • What temperatures you wish your rooms to reach?
  • Are you looking for a hot water tank as well?
  • What preparatory work is required (e.g. excavation work)?
  • How much materials (e.g. pipes) are required for the installation?
  • Will all your radiators need replacing (if applicable)?

The best way to obtain an accurate cost is to receive a quote from several installers so you can compare.

What can you save or earn from heat pumps?

With the installation of an air or ground source heat pump you could experience: Savings from a reduction in your energy bills compared to your existing system Income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if eligible How much these savings and income are will need to be calculated by an installer after a survey is carried out. The installer should then provide you with a quotation.

What size of heat pump is required for your house?

To have the right size of heat pump installed at your home is the most important factor. If it’s too small it won’t heat your home and if it’s too big then you could see an increase in energy bills.

The size of the heat pump will depend on the size of your house and how energy efficient your home is in retaining heat. To calculate this an installer should carry out a room by room assessment. This involves measuring the size of the room, identifying any windows and the material fabric of the house. It would normally take an installer 1-2 hours to complete this.

Choosing whether a heat pump is right for you

You should consider the below points to help you decide whether a heat pump is right for you:

  • Motivation – what is your motivation to buy a heat pump? Is it to reduce your fuel bills or to go greener?
  • Space – do you have space outside and maybe inside to house the heat pump?
  • Noise – heat pumps can make similar noise to an air conditioning unit therefore can you handle this?
  • Planning permission – most heat pumps do not require planning permission however its always best to check with the installer or local planning authorities.
  • Cylinder – you will need to think about where to situate the new cylinder if required
  • Underfloor heating – if you are thinking about installing underfloor heating then you will need to ensure the spacing between the pipes is not too big. Otherwise you will experience cold spots. On average 100mm spacing between the pipes is acceptable.
  • Radiators – as the heat pump operates at a lower temperature most of the radiators will need to be double panel in order to heat your room to the desired temperature.

Find an installer

Using a Flexi-Orb member provides you with peace of mind knowing that they have been vetted and provide you with protection mechanisms.