Energy storage

Flexi-Orb Welcomes The News That Energy Storage Manufacturers Are Wanting UK Certification

Flexi-Orb, the oversight registration body for the flexible energy sector, welcomes the news that renewables specialist UK certification scheme Certi-fi is seeing an increase in the number of energy storage manufacturers wanting certification for their products. For Flexi-Orb, this is a step forward in delivering the safe and controlled sale, deployment, decommissioning and recycling of energy storage products. Having more manufacturers certifying their products with schemes like Certi-fi, will help Flexi-Orb ensure energy storage products are certified to appropriate standards

Faisal Hussain, Flexi-Orb Chief UX Officer, said:

We are delighted to see more and more manufacturers wanting to receive certification for their energy storage products. For us, it is key to have manufacturers involved so we can work together on making the flexible energy sector a safer environment for consumers. Seeing major names like Duracell, BYD, Solax and Growatt in the certification process is great news for consumers and the sector.

David Lindsay, Certi-fi Schemes Director said:

It’s no surprise that as domestic energy storage gains momentum, manufacturers are looking for a way of differentiating their product and evidencing to distributors, installers, tender opportunities, and consumers that their products are safe, carry the appropriate UK and European Standards and that they have the requisite factory protocols in place. Product safety notices and recall processes, as well as safe decommissioning and disposal, are a key part of the Scheme, and manufacturers have been working hard to ensure these are robust enough to meet our criteria. The Scheme has been three years in development, initiated by a need from major manufacturers to protect not just their own brand, but this new and exciting market as a whole. The Scheme has been in development with UKAS for around 18 months as they test the Scheme against the ISO/IEC 17065 Standard, and we’ve been able to improve it with significant input from other major stakeholders. It’s great to see this hard work pay off with an increase in applications.

Certi-fi is also nearing the completion of an installation scheme for energy storage which will further enhance consumer safety standards.

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