Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Disputes between a consumer and an installer can happen for a variety of reasons. ADR is designed to work with both parties to resolve complaints informally. A mechanism to do this is mediation, which is where a neutral person works with both parties to reach a settlement.

The mediator will speak with the consumer and installer to understand their perspectives and then try to negotiate an agreement. If the mediator feels that an independent inspection of the installation is required, then this will be arranged. The inspection report is designed to provide the facts about the condition of the installation and identify any remedial works required. This helps both parties to see the facts and reach an agreed solution.

We work with a Chartered Trading Standards Institute ADR provider thereby ensuring independence and impartiality for both consumer and installer.

Benefits of ADR

Customer Service

We also provide advice and guidance to consumers, installers and stakeholders. Whether its advice on a product, an installer or even how to comply with legislation we are here to help. The renewable and flexible energy sectors are evolving and it’s important we help with the transition for a better future.