Stakeholder Engagement

Flexible Energy will play an important role in our future energy requirements. To help deploy large volumes across millions of homes it is important stakeholders work together in a collaborative way. We work with a range of stakeholders and can provide them with added benefits to include:

UK Government


  • No cost regulation and oversight registration to government and taxpayers
  • BEIS and Ofgem are able to access the Flexible Energy Register
  • Saving lives and raising industry standards by ensuring safe and controlled deployment
  • Protecting consumers to ensure products are sold and installed correctly
  • Provide jobs and support growth of UK low carbon energy industry
  • Support the deployment of measures that reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Help the Clean Growth Strategy establish a low carbon future for UK
Certification Bodies


  • Flexi-Orb sets mandatory requirement for installers to be part of a certification body (e.g. Napit, NICEIC, Stroma etc).
  • Flexi-Orb sets mandatory requirements for installers to comply with relevant electrical certification regulations
  • Flexible Energy Register makes notifying certification bodies easier and simple
  • Provide oversight data to assist Certification Bodies with audit and compliance
  • Flexi-Orb is able to assist Certification Bodies with consumer disputes
Certification Schemes


  • Flexi-Orb sets mandatory requirements that products registered have appropriate certification
  • Flexi-Orb will work with certification schemes (like Certi-fi, BRE and BSI) to improve standards
  • Help develop robust standards for both product and installation
  • Provide oversight data on common trends and themes
  • Share industry knowledge and expertise to further consumer protection
Consumer Codes


  • Installers who are members of a Chartered Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code (e.g. GGF, HIES, RECC, TMO) must comply with their Code of Practice
  • Provides oversight data to assist Consumer Codes implement code requirements
  • Cross-referencing with insurance providers to ensure insurances are in place
  • Cross-referencing with Certification Bodies to ensure certification standards are adhered to
  • Check a consumer has been registered with Flexible Energy Register in the event of a dispute
  • Support from Flexi-Orb to discipline non-compliant installers
  • Share industry knowledge and expertise to further consumer protection
Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)


  • Provide DNOs with oversight data to locate products connected to the grid
  • Provide an interactive map of the UK showing installations within an area
  • Automatic notifications can be sent to DNO to confirm the installation of a product
  • Help installers comply with DNO G98/99 requirements through the Flexible Energy Register
Energy Aggregators


  • Work with aggregators (e.g. Kiwi Power, Limejump, Social Energy, Solo Energy, Upside Energy) to help transform the energy for consumers in a safe and controlled environment
  • Ability to display aggregator tariffs on the Flexi-Orb website
  • Provide an interactive map of the UK showing installations within an area
  • Key management information around potential megawatts available to grid trade compared to what is actually grid trading
Energy Providers


  • Energy providers (like Bulb, British Gas, EDF Energy, E.on, Good Energy, Npower, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, SSE  etc) have the facility to display consumer information on Flexi-Orb website
  • Ability to provide Smart Export Guarantee tariffs on the Flexi-Orb website
  • Ability to communicate energy tariffs on the Flexi-Orb website
  • Provide oversight data on areas where flexible energy is being installed
  • Provide information related to why consumers are buying products
  • Provide product related information for electric vehicle storage, energy storage, EV charging points, glazing, heating, insulation, inverters, smart controls, solar PV, vehicle 2 grid storage etc.
Finance Lenders


  • Flexi-Orb can protect finance lenders (like Ikano Bank, Shawbrook Bank, Omni Capital) within the flexible energy market
  • Finance products which are only registered with Flexi-Orb to reduce risk
  • Providing finance facility to installers registered with Flexi-Orb as they are policed
  • Confident that products are installed in a safe, controlled manner
  • Peace of mind that consumers are provided with accurate financial returns, thereby reducing Section 56 claims under Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • Ability to check appropriate Insurance Backed Guarantees are in place for consumers buying on credit
  • Ability to stipulate specific Insurance Backed Guarantees that can help limit Section 75 claims under Consumer Credit Act 1974


  • Flexi-Orb sets mandatory requirement for installers to register with an approved insurance provider, e.g. SWIG.
  • Provides oversight data to ensure Insurance Backed Guarantees are in place
  • Provides oversight data to ensure installers are registering consumers with insurance provider
National Grid


  • Free oversight data to help National Grid move towards a decentralised energy network
  • Assisting the energy network to deliver flexible energy
  • Promoting a flexible energy future by investing in new flexible energy technologies
  • Provide leading flexible energy platform that can be used internationally
Trade Associations


  • Provide organisations (like BEAMA, EMA, ENA, STA) with high-level management information
  • Access to the Flexible Energy Register to view trends and themes
  • Personalised dashboard with key statistics of the flexible energy sector

If you would like to work with Flexi-Orb then please contact us.